Our Philosophy

RYSA strives to provide a positive experience for developing players and coaches who have the desire and commitment to excel in the sport of soccer. Our goal is to make it fun, and instill in young players a lifelong passion for the sport.

RYSA Way: Nutrition

Good nutrition is an important foundation for soccer players of all ages and abilities. The right combination of nutrients and hydration on game days as well as practice days can help kids improve both their health and performance. Explore the resources in the following websites to begin your journey toward your best soccer nutrition.

  1. General Nutrition - The USDA’s Choose My Plate Plan provides general nutrition information to get all kids (and their parents) on the right track with basic nutrition. Enter some basic information into the Super Tracker and get a customized nutrition plan based on the simplicity of the MyPlate food groups. You also get access to a Food-A-Pedia nutrition database, Food Tracker, Physical Activity Tracker, and more!
  2. Sports Nutrition - Check out the American Dietetic Association’s Sports Nutrition Fact Sheets and articles. The fact sheets contain information about specific sports nutrition topics like Hydration for sports, Game day nutrition, Eating on the road, Eating for recovery and more! This website contains up-to-date information from Registered Dietitians, RD, your nutrition professionals.
  3. Kid-Friendly Sports Nutrition - Kids health is a great site that provides age appropriate sports nutrition information for kids, teens, and parents. It also takes a fun look at the nutritional demands of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

While all this information is great, it is important to find practical ways to really use these concepts and incorporate healthy habits into your busy daily routine. Try these websites for easy weekday recipe ideas to help improve your family’s nutrition and keep your family connected with healthy family meals.

(While the websites mentioned above provide professionally reviewed content, they are not intended to replace the guidance of your personal Physician or Dietitian.)

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