Our Philosophy

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

This quote highlights the philosophy of RYSA Competitive Soccer. We focus on age appropriate player development and helping each soccer player become his or her best. If we are successful in accomplishing our primary focus, we believe that team success will follow.

Competitive: Team Manager

The following is a list of “Best Practices” for team managers. These administrative tasks are helpful for a smooth and successful soccer season. It is best for the manager and coach to determine how these should be divided.

  1. Become familiar with the Risk Management policies of RYSA
    1. Complete a background check for RYSA and MYSA
      1. This is good from Aug 1 to July 31
      2. You can find the instructions at Background check instruction.
      3. For more information, visit McDowell Agency.
    2. Review the RYSA Summary of Risk Management, which is included in your packet and on the RYSA web site.
      1. Additions to MYSA policies include:
        1. One child, two adult rule
        2. Practice is only open to your team, play ups, and members of “scrimmage teams” (shared practice scrimmage etc.)
    3. Click here for the general MYSA Risk Management guidelines.
    4. For MYSA field safety information, visit MYSA Safety Checklist and Coaches Safety Checklist.
    5. Review weather guidelines at MYSA Weather Guidelines.
    6. Before practices start, be sure you have a completed Medical Release from your players.
      1. The notarized form is only necessary for out of state travel and a minority of tournaments.
    7. If you have a game or practice related injury:
      1. Submit a report to RYSA here.
      2. There is a MYSA supplemental insurance that will cover qualified un-reinbursed expenses.
  2. Hold a team meeting around mid February to mid March and accomplish the following:
    1. Cover the expectations for the season
    2. Cover team-related topics
  3. Collect contact information
    1. Email, daytime phone and cell phone numbers are most important.
    2. It is suggested to distribute that information on a wallet-sized card to all team members and/or parents. This can be very useful at tournaments, if you are running late for bus or game, or if the field directions are incorrect.
  4. Decide how to contact the team for practice changes, field changes and other. Be sure to ask your team which communication method is preferred or state how you will be communicating this season. Email is getting to be the preferred method.
  5. Get dates of when absences are anticipated early and update through the season.
  6. Decide who will have major team responsibilities.
    1. Team treasurer
      1. Needs to collect approximately $250 per player for the season. This will vary depending on the decisions that your team makes for the season.
      2. Two payments of equal size seems to work with a possibility of a third for state
      3. Major expenses
        1. Tournament fees
        2. Bus
        3. Pre-season practice
        4. District and possibly state tournament
    2. Tournaments
      1. Register for tournaments (in March or later depending on tournament)
        1. The RYSA tournament is free, but you must register for it on the RYSA web site. The tournament site is now open.
        2. You must be excused by RYSA not to play this tournament
      2. Minnesota tournaments are at MYSA Sanctioned Tournaments
      3. If you register for an out of state tournament, you must get a travel permit Out of State Travel
    3. Reserve hotel rooms for tournaments as needed (Early is good; generally, they can be canceled)
    4. Order T-shirts (Look for this information one to two months before the tournament)
    5. Register team for tournament (Either early the day of the first game or the afternoon before)
    6. Contact bus companies and arrange for transportation if you are taking buses for out of town games
    7. Reserve practice space if you decide to have indoor practices.
      1. The Rochester Public schools contact information is:
        Phone: 507-328-3000.
        For more information, visit the Rochester Public Schools website.
      2. The Soccer World contact information is:
        380 Woodlake Dr SE 55904
        Phone: 424-3018
      3. The RCTC dome contact information is:
        Steve Flint
        Regional Sports Center Director
        Department: Sports Center
        eMail: Steve.Flint@roch.edu
        Phone: 280-2880
    8. Team Pictures
      1. Distribute order forms
      2. Reserve picture time slot
      3. Communicate time and place to team
    9. Team gear for game day
      1. Cold weather
        1. Blankets or wind breakers
      2. Hot weather
        1. Face cloths in ice water in cooler
        2. Tent
      3. Rain
        1. Tarp too keep bags dry
        2. Second tarp to keep players dry
    10. Drinks and or snacks
      1. Team decision whether to provide or not
    11. Volunteers
      1. Each team will need to provide two people for a few hours at The Rochester Tournament
      2. If you play districts in Rochester, you will be asked to provide some volunteers for the tournament
      3. Get people to sign up in advance or decide who will coordinate volunteers when asked
    12. Team party
  7. Decide who will pick up and return equipment
    1. Pick up schedule TBD
    2. Return schedule TBA
      1. It will be announced on the RYSA calendar
  8. Player passes
    1. Take player and registered adult photos, head and shoulders only. Get them printed in a no larger than 1” high format
    2. RYSA office will notify when passes are available usually in late April
    3. Collect passes from office and get them signed and laminated
    4. You have one or two practices to get this done. It is the time of year where there is the possibility of rain, and there are a lot of school activities also. Make sure that you plan how to accomplish this
    5. Decide who has these for games
  9. Game Changes
    1. MYSA has an online system
    2. You will get a Username and Password from MYSA as part of the Online Summer Competitive Team Rep. Presentation.
      1. Check the MYSA web site to verify which district you are in after March 15 at Leagues Formation/Seeds
    3. Your game schedule will obtained through the MYSA website using the provided Username and Password
      1. You will have two weeks to request a mandatory reschedule
      2. The contact with the team that you need rescheduled should be available on the MYSA web under Leagues Formation/Seeds and Leagues Standings
    4. Decide who (coach, team manager) works with the opposing coach to reschedule.
    5. The two teams must work together to find a mutually agreeable date.
      1. Reschedule requests during the two week period must be accommodated.
      2. After the two week period, teams can only reschedule due to weather, field or referee availability issues, or other "Acts of God".
      3. In either case, if the two teams cannot reach a mutually agreeable date for the rescheduled game, contact your MYSA District Competitive Rep.
    6. See RYSA Competitive Team Rescheduling Process for instructions on the rescheduling process.
    7. The policy of RYSA is not to cancel home games on game day, unless fields are unplayable; however, do not insist that a team drive through dangerous weather to get to Rochester.
  10. Preparation for game day
    1. Get maps of game location
    2. Distribute to team if bus is not used
    3. Get phone of coach and or team manager of home team for away games in advance
    4. You might want to contact them and get cell phone numbers, so that you can contact on the way
    5. Once again you might want to have a contact number for out of town games when you arrive at the field and no one is there
    6. You might want to offer a contact number for your team to all visiting coaches
  11. Game report, which can be found at: MYSA Official Match and Lineup Form
    1. Decide who completes this
    2. You will need a match report filled out to present to the referee for all games
    3. You will need a stamped envelope for all home games
    4. Have at field before the game starts
  12. Report game results
    1. There has been a reporting system by telephone
    2. MYSA is moving to an online reporting system
    3. Report all game results win or lose (Ull and up only)
  13. Decide if you will participate in districts. This commits you to play in State if you qualify
    1. Register with MYSA for districts and state
    2. This has been part of the score reporting system. It could change
    3. You will be given this information at the district meeting
  14. Should you do well in a tournament or league, send a picture with names to RYSA
    1. The Office will get it in the paper
    2. We will put it on the RYSA web site