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The RYSA Coaching Philosphy is based on total player development. We believe total player development should consist of educated coaches, a player-centered approach, stages of development, playing environment, style of play and understanding winning and losing.

Coaches: Resources

Please find below links that reference state websites across the entire United States. We have sifted through all of the state websites, and have provided you the most useful information below. There is a lot of information that is pertinent to both the Recreation Coach and the Competitive Coach. You will find training sessions and articles that will help develop your knowledge of all aspects of the game (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological).

FIFA 11+ | a complete warm-up programme

RYSA Warm-up - FIFA 11+ Videos

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This next section of links corresponds to the different governing bodies in the US.

US Soccer has just released (April 2011) their Curriculum on how to develop young players. They also have their best practices manual, which is something we do follow at the moment (under resources).

The NSCAA stands for National Soccer Coaches Association of America and provides education and resources for coaches.

US Youth Soccer provides age-appropriate education and resources with the youth coach in mind. There are resources for both novice and experienced coaches.

This next section is the rest of the world section. The world governing body of soccer is known as FIFA. Under FIFA there are six federations; the United States is part of the CONCACAF Federation.


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